It’s March 16, 2020.
Most of us have been paying attention to the news as information about COVID-19 changes hour-to-hour.
This virus is aggressive.
Our government leaders’ strong encouragement to social isolation to feels extreme.
You know what?  A s people of faith, those words also describe our hope.
Hope that this virus will be halted.  Hope that our sense of community with one another will be restored.  Hope that God has not left us to fend off this virus alone.
However, we have become focused inward by stockpiling supplies, making lists of all of the tv shows we want to watch and books we want to read, making schedules for our kids so they don’t fall behind in their schoolwork, and focusing on how this virus is affecting us, as individuals.
 But this virus is affecting us, as a global community.
In the waters of baptism, we are claimed as children of God, as part of God’s family, which means we don’t live in this world separate from one another.
Let’s adjust our new extended spring break schedules and join together in some time of deepening our faith and listening to how God is calling us to love and serve our neighbor.
There are devotional readings & activities prepared for the next 8 weeks for you to do with those you are isolated alongside. If you live alone, call a friend or journal.
We will be using the Faith 5 model.  (instructions on the next page.)
The readings, activities, and webpage s for the activities are grouped by week on the subsequent pages.
Let’s remember we are not a people of fear, but of hope.
Click Pandemic Hope Devotional for the devotional series.