Why Become a Reconciling Congregation?

We know we are welcoming, but how does someone from outside our walls know that we are? If you were an LGTBQ+ person looking in, seeing that we are a Reconciling Congregation, you would know that we would be a safe place to worship and that you are welcome. (along with everyone else!)

Please join the Welcoming Taskforce for a series of videos and discussions on why this is important and learn about what being a Reconciling Congregation means.


Sun. Nov. 18 – 10:45 am “An Act of Love” A 2015 documentary about the trial that rocked the United Methodist Church and the minister who risked it all for his gay son.  A Father.  A Church.  A Movement.  Bagels and cider will be served.

Sat. Jan. 5 – 6:00 pm“Gender Revolution: A Journey with Katie Couric ” A 2017 documentary film about gender identity, produced by Katie Couric, National Geographic, and World of Wonder.