Dear Friends,

I hope that you are well and able to enjoy the sunshine and warmth that is upon us. As I am sure that you are aware, the CDC has revised their guidance regarding mask wearing, and New York State aligned itself with the CDC’s recommendations as of yesterday. 

We rejoice over the CDC’s new guidelines and at what they mean for us all—that vaccines work, that vaccinated people are able to do more safely, and that the end of this pandemic is in sight. We thank God for this good news, for the hope and relief that it brings, for the wisdom that God gave scientists over the ages to get us to this point, and for the selfless sharing of those gifts with the rest of us! We also notice that the CDC still requires masks in hospitals, in care facilities, on public transportation, and for those who are not vaccinated.

Jesus constantly aligned himself with the most vulnerable—widows, women, children, the blind, the sick, the outcast, and the poor. I encourage us to follow his lead by loving all of our neighbors, especially the most vulnerable among us, by continuing to wear masks during worship. Church Council will discuss its recommendations in light of new guidance at their scheduled meeting on June 8, 2021.

Please join us after church on Sunday for a special outdoor fellowship time. Lemonade will be provided. While we are outside and studies show that the Covid’s spread decreases outdoors, please do your best to distance yourself when you are enjoying your lemonade.

And please wear red for Pentecost! I look forward to worshipping with you this weekend!