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May 18, 2020 Letter

Dear Friends,

I hope and pray that you are well. I miss you! I miss gathering in church together. In Genesis 2 it says, “Then the Lord God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper as his partner.” And so, after creating animals, God created another human as a companion for Adam. Creating community was the beginnings of humanity. It is not good for us to be alone. We were created to be in community: family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, church, and all of the other ways we find community and support. In this season of distancing, I hope and pray that you have found ways to foster community. Some might feel overwhelmed by the many activities that have been thrust upon them or might feel touched out and just want a break from being together. Others might feel bored and lonely, longing to get back to normal life. Some might feel stress on their relationships. Others might feel deep joy for this gift of time at home. Some of us might feel nervous about returning to work, school, church, or shopping for necessities. Or, it is a combination of all of these feelings, depending on the moment! I once read that we are all in different storms. For some, it is a light, warm rain, while others experience a tremendous, life changing storm. And yet, we are never alone. When the Prophet Elijah fled from a leader who was trying to kill him, and the stress that he experienced threatened to overwhelm him so much that he contemplated suicide, God made God’s presence known to him in a still, small voice. (1 Kings 19:1-13).  Even now, right where you are, God is with you.

Please know that I am praying for you. Please reach out to me and to others in our church. Your need for connection might help another’s need for connection. I also want to remind you of the ways that we are offering services until we can meet in person. Every Sunday, we have services on Macedon Center’s Facebook page, the Macedon Center Youtube Channel, and the South Perinton Youtube Channel. The links to these services are emailed out every Saturday. If you do not receive these emails, please let me know so I can update my list. Each church has coffee hour via Zoom on Sunday mornings. Macedon Center’s coffee hour begins at 9:30AM, and South Perinton’s coffee hour begins at 11:00AM. The Zoom link does not change each week. If you need it emailed to you again, please let me know.

If you do not have access to the internet, you can call in and listen to the service and then participate in coffee hour. We would love to have you join us! On your telephone, call (929) 205-6099, enter the Meeting ID: 192 712 791. Press pound (#) twice, then enter the password, 011269, press pound (#), and you will be able to hear everyone and we will hear you. If finances are an issue, please let me know. If you need help with the technology or are unsure about how to install the right apps, please call Nancy at the church office, (315) 986-2306, and she will make sure that the right person can help you connect.

We are beginning conversations about how to resume worship. Please watch for more information on how we can safely worship together. It is my hope that we will continue some form of online worship for each church for at least another few months or until everyone feels comfortable worshipping together in person.

As Rev. Corey Turnpenny shares with her son every night, so I share with you.

God made you.

God knows you.

God loves you no matter what.

That’s how God feels about everyone.

God wants us to love each other.

Until we meet (in person) again, blessings and love,

Pastor Kim